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    Diverter Valves

    Buy Diverter Valve’s online

    National Boiler Spares stock a wide range of diverter valves for boilers for many brands and manufacturers including Vaillant, Baxi, Worcester, Ideal, Glowworm and more.

    How does a diverter valve work?

    Within a boiler system, the diverter valve plays a crucial role in directing heated water to various areas throughout the property. When a tap is turned on during central heating operation, the diverter valve momentarily redirects the hot water away from heating the space.

    They are an exclusive feature of combi boilers, absent in standard home boilers and heating setups. These valves operate by opening and closing as per the demand for hot water supply. When the home’s central heating system requires water, the valve channels water from the boiler’s primary heat exchanger.

    How do I know if my diverter valve is faulty?

    Problems with the valves are common in older types of combi boilers. This is because over time this valve can experience wear and tear which can result in complete failure, causing mayhem on central heating systems. Signs of a faulty boiler diverter valve are:

    • Lukewarm hot water from taps and showers
    • Need to leave heating on to get hot water
    • Water flow without heating