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    Buy Worcester Boiler Spare Parts

    Worcester boilers are among the most popular heating systems in the UK. Additionally, most boilers installed in the past decade are likely combi boilers due to their efficiency. Whether your boiler is combi, system or regular, National Boiler Spares supplies an extensive variety of Worcester boiler spares.  

    What Worcester boiler parts do you stock? 

    While there may be some unique components depending on the specific model of the Worcester boiler and its installation within the property, the following parts are among the most common: 

    • Expansion vessel: Responsible for maintaining steady pressure within the boiler. 
    • Boiler fan: Helps regulate temperature and extract gases from the boiler and the property. 
    • Gas valve: Controls the flow of fuel to the burner. 
    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB): The ‘central nervous system’ of the boiler, controlling manual and automatic commands as well as monitoring conditions. The PCB is linked to all other electrical components within the boiler, including the display. 
    • Diverter valve: Controls where hot water is sent throughout the home. 
    • Heat exchanger: Allows the transfer of heat from the gases within the boiler to the water. 
    • Pipework: Combi boilers feature the following pipes – flue, condensate, flow, return, mains supply, gas supply. 

    If any of the above parts become defective, you should seek quality boiler spares and contact a Gas Safe engineer for installation.