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VOKERA PROCOMBI 85HE 100HE & 120HE DIVERTER VALVE ACTUATOR MOTOR 10025304This part fits following boilers:Fits Appliance(s)          GC No.
VOKERA COMPACT 25 HE     –     47-094-73VOKERA COMPACT 29 HE     –     47-094-75VOKERA COMPACT 35 HE     –     47-094-77VOKERA Linea 25 HE rev 9 (06/2008)     –     47-094-60 Rev 9 (2350833(838))VOKERA LINEA 28 HE REV 8 (11/2009)     –     47-094-89 REV 8 (2351073(835))VOKERA Linea 30 HE rev 9 (06/2008)     –     47-094-62 rev 9 (2350863(840))VOKERA LINEA 32 HE REV 8 (11/2009)     –     47-094-90 (2351083(836))VOKERA Linea 35 HE rev 9 (06/2008)     –     47-094-64 rev 9 (2350888(842))VOKERA LINEA 36 HE REV 8 (11/2009)     –     47-094-91 (2351093(837))VOKERA PROCOMBI 100HE REV 4 (03/2010)     –     47-094-81 (1370013(903))VOKERA PROCOMBI 120HE REV 4 (03/2010)     –     47-094-94 (1370043(906))VOKERA PROCOMBI 85HE REV (03/2010)     –     47-094-82 (1370003(902))VOKERA Procombi A28 Revision 7 (03/2013)     –     47-094-96 (20004212)VOKERA Procombi A32 Revision 7 (03/2013)     –     47-094-97 (20004213)VOKERA Procombi A36 Revision 7 (03/2013)     –     47-094-98 (20004214)VOKERA SABRE 25 HE PLUS (OLD VERSION PRE 2007) REV 2 (03/07)     –     47-094-92 (1320063)VOKERA SABRE 25 HE REV 6 (11/2010)     –     47-094-70 (1320023(827))VOKERA SABRE 29 HE PLUS (OLD VERSION PRE 2007) REV 2 (03/07)     –     47-094-93 (1320073)VOKERA SABRE 29 HE REV 6 (11/2010)     –     47-094-71 (1320033(829))VOKERA SABRE 35 HE REV 6 (11/2010)     –     47-094-72 (1320053(830))VOKERA UNICA 28 HE     –     47-094-83VOKERA UNICA 32 HE     –     47-094-85VOKERA UNICA 36 HE     –     47-094-87


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DIRECT SALE: This is when you buy the part outright without needing to send your part back to us.

REFURBISHMENT (EXCHANGE) SERVICE: When you select this service, you agree to send your faulty item to our main address to be reconditioned and sent back to you. Our price includes delivery to you and you would need to pay the postage to send the item to us. In most cases we repair and send the item back the same day of receiving it, please select next day delivery option during checkout to receive the item back the next day.

Please send your faulty part to:

National Boiler Spares
Tyne View Terrace
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE28 6SG

ADVANCE REPLACEMENT SERVICE: This service is for customers who would like to receive replacement part without sending the faulty one back to us first. We will send you a replacement part the same working day and charge you a £30.00 deposit for your faulty part. Once we have received your faulty part we will refund your £30.00 deposit. Please choose this service if your faulty part is in a repairable condition. If the part is burnt, broken or cracked and not repairable we may refuse to issue a refund for your deposit.  Please keep in mind that if this option or Direct Sale option is not available, we may not have a part in stock to send out first. If unsure please call +44 191 263 3708 or email at info@heatingtradesupplies.com

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